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U-Boat Watches

U-Boat was founded back in 1942 when founder Ilvo Fontana was commissioned by the Italian Navy to design practical timepieces for its pilots. From the requirement of legibility in even the most adverse of conditions through to a selection of unprecedented technical requirements, U-Boat watches began their history as a brief to deliver nothing but the best, timepieces which would stand up to the demanding requirements of Italian Naval pilots.

Fast forward to today and U-Boat watches offer well-engineered timepieces which not only offer the most advanced technical features, something which has been with the brand since 1942, but also a stylish yet practical character. Little do many know that the project which kickstarted U-Boat was ultimately scrapped, with the original drawings, samples and materials being kept safe for more than 60 years. In 2000, U-Boat watches were brought to life by Italo Fontana, the cousin of founder Ilvo Fontana, following his vision to develop the original drawings and concepts into an iconic brand.

The features which are commonplace across all of the models within the U-Boat range are their quality, the materials and the high level of craftmanship. Each and every watch which is produced by U-Boat boasts it's very own 'Made In Italy' factor, boasting a Swiss movement which has been assembled in the brand's own headquarters in Lucca, Tuscany. In comparison to other luxury watch models, U-Boat watches are known to utilise somewhat different materials to most, from acid baths to carbon fibre and a whole host of others associated more with their naval origins than fine watchmaking. U-Boat 'get' innovation and are proud to proclaim that each and every watch which leaves the factory pays homage to the brand's history and vision.

Each and every model launched under the U-Boat brand comes complete with its own story of both inspiration and style, with each standing out from the crowd not only as a result of their large crown but also their resistance to even the most extreme environments. To put it simply, these timepieces are built to last and, at the end of the day, are intended to be pushed to their limits time and time again. If it's reliability you're looking for, look no further than U-Boat.

U-Boat watches are bold, aggressive and oversized and make the perfect statement for the individual who wants to mix style and performance. If you're looking for a watch which comes complete with its own unique style and a timeless, oversized style, you'll struggle to find a brand which better represents just that.

From the iconic Chimera or Flightdeck through to the Classico, U-Boat is a unique brand which ourselves here at Wave Jewellery are proud to stock exclusively in our Manchester store.

Whether you know which model you're looking to purchase or would like to arrange a visit to come and see our current stock for yourself, there's no denying the beauty of what U-Boat have managed to launch and, as far as we're concerned, there's little else on the market which rivals these iconic timepieces both in terms of their style and their performance.

For U-Boat watches, call or visit Wave Jewellery today.

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