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Festina Watches

Festina was initially a Swiss watch brand, founded in 1902 before being bought out by Spanish entrepreneur Miguel Rodríguez in 1984.

Nowadays Festina (which means ‘hasten slowly’) is established in over 90 countries across five continents and sell over 5 million pieces every year.

While the company is now based in Barcelona, they’ve stuck to their roots of Swiss watchmaking and still produce their pieces in Switzerland.

Festina create watches for the sophisticated man with a passion for sport, with an impressive collection of classic, elegant and sporty styles.

Festina are especially known for making sport watches and are a renowned icon of both design and technical precision having been associated with many major sporting events including the Tour de France which they are the official timekeeper for.

You may even remember them from their own cycling team which was active from 1989 to 2001 and was very successful.

If you’re after something a little bit different, which is sure to stand out, we stock the Festina Chronobike which is instantly recognisable due to its stainless steel strap which resembles the chain of a bike.

We also stock their Tour of Britain models of watches and while Festina watches are popular with men from all walks of life, they’ve struck a particular chord with cyclists and cycling fans.

Festina pieces are also well known for their precision and durability, made using the most precise Japanese quartz movements and strong durable materials which you know will last.

There are also a lot of technological features to Festina watches which might not be immediately apparent, such as mechanical automatic drives, and hand cut mineral glass.

Backed by celebrity endorsements from the likes of Gerard Butler and over a century’s worth of experience, Festina are a timeless and trustworthy brand that we’re proud to stock here at Wave Jewellery.

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