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CLUSE Watches

CLUSE watches are aimed at the individual who finds beauty in simplicity. The individual who appreciates that the finer things in life are often the simple things. Each and every model within the CLUSE watches collection is simple; yet simple by no means plain or boring. Simple can mean sophisticated and simple can mean beautiful, as well as many more things besides. CLUSE watches are easy to appreciate because of this simplicity; one which oozes both elegance and minimalism.

For those conscious about their style in a way that they strive to 'look the part' whatever the occasion, a CLUSE watch offers the perfect timepiece to accessorise any outfit. Looking just at home in the office as on a night on the town, a CLUSE watch brings out the best any completes any look. CLUSE watches are more than just timepieces; they're there to help define every one of an individual's best moments in a simplistic manner.

CLUSE watches are produced with love, care and attention to detail from at the brand's Amsterdam base and this is just one of the reasons why the brand has become so popular in recent years. Whilst some women love the chunkiness and weight of a boyfriend watch, others love the elegance which comes with a CLUSE watch, the traditional style with a twist. CLUSE watches are far from boring with each model showcasing its own unique style and character; just like it's owner.

From the gorgeous La Boheme or the Minuit models through to the Pavane and other models within the collection, there's a range of styles available to meet the demands of every elegant lady. Looking for a stunning watch which comes complete with a coloured leather strap? Consider the La Boheme models. Looking for something a little more sophisticated with a gold bracelet and a black face? How about the Minuit?

CLUSE watches offer something for any lady who likes to look her best at all times, whatever the occasion, with timepieces that are not only practical but simple and stylish at the same time.

As official CLUSE stockists, you'll find the entire range available from ourselves either online or in our stores. Founded as recently as 2013, the CLUSE brand is growing in popularity at an incredible rate, however there's no wonder given how beautiful, yet affordable at the same time, these watches are. With our lowest priced model starting at just £79, a stylish timepiece needn't break the bank and, when chosen carefully, there's no reason why it can't add that extra special touch to any outfit for years to come.

Available both in our stores and to purchase online with FREE delivery, Wave Jewellery are proud CLUSE stockists and welcome you to pay us a visit to try one of these exquisite models on your wrist (trust us, you'll fall in love) or to give us a call should you have any further questions relating to one of the watches or about placing your order online.

For CLUSE watches, visit or call Wave Jewellery today.

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