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Certina Watches

With Certina Swiss sports watches, technical innovation meets traditional watchmaking experience.

Certina have been known for their extremely precise and reliable watches for over 125 years, and are one of the very first sports watch brands.

The brand was set up by brothers Adolf and Alfred Kurth way back in 1888 in the Swiss town of Grenchen, under the beautiful Jura mountains.

The two brothers and their three employees initially worked out of an annexe to the family home, but as things took off, expansion was necessary.

In 1959 they brought out the first DS (Double Security) Concept watch, which is an extremely shock and water resistant watch which really set the tone for the next generation of watches.

Their watches have been used in all kinds of extreme situations, including expeditions to the Himalayas and to the bottom of the ocean with the US Navy.

Nowadays the watches are worn on the wrists of some of the world’s best athletes, all following the DS concept, giving each and every piece the stability and reliability that Certina has come to be known for.

We stock both men’s and women’s Certina watches in our stores and online so feel free to pop in and see them for yourself.

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