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Necklace Lengths Guide

Necklace length is like the style.  It is a matter of personal taste. A necklace is considered a frame  of a woman's features and designates the area to draw attention to. 
Assessing how a necklace will fit can be difficult if you can't try it on before you buy it, especially when you are shopping online.


Women's Standard Length Necklace Sizes:


12-13 inches: Collar Length

14-16 inches: Choker length
17-19 inches: Princess, at the collarbone
20-24 inches: Matinee, a few inches below the collarbone

22 inches: At or above the neckline
24 inches: Below the neckline

28-34 inches: Opera Length

45+ inches: Rope, Lariat






Keep in mind the diameter of the beads and stones.  If the beads are large and round like Wilma Flinstone, the strand may measure 18 inches when laid flat against a ruler but will 'push in' and give a smaller inner space and diameter  to fit in. 

Your personal height and frame is a consideration that you must take into consideration. Are you muscular, tall or petite. These unique qualities to your presence will make a necklace lay longer or shorter.  This is why a  men's guide shows larger necklace sizes because generally they are wider on their necks and more muscular than some women:) Yes,  I said 'some'.

How to know? 

Take a string around your neck and mark it comfortably at the ends where you imagine a work sitting comfortably and measure that. If you are purchasing a work made of large, thicker beads you  may want to choose a size up. 


In general, men's chains will need to be longer than women's necklaces:

18 inches: Base of the neck (for smaller neck sizes)
20 inches: to the collarbone (common length for average men)
22 inches: A few inches below the collarbone
24 inches: Just above the sternum