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Muru Jewellery

The beauty of jewellery is that all different styles of jewellery which have spanned various historical periods have been designed with unique meaning and symbolism in mind.

The fascinating property of Muru jewellery is the significance each piece represents in order to inspire the wearer. Whilst each Muru creation has been manufactured in London, every piece has been crafted with inspiration from different cultures in mind.

The brand was created back in 2006 and founded by Phil Barnes who began to design limited edition jewellery after having travelled the world for new and exciting creative ideas for jewellery which has resulted in a brand which perhaps more contemporary in design, but symbolic in its meaningful and culture.

It is easy to quickly spot the unique characteristic of Muru jewellery in which all of the pieces have been shaped in a 3-D style, as well as the intricate detailing included on each piece. The Muru collection is available in sterling silver, gold vermeil and rose gold vermeil depending on which metal is most suited to your skin type.

Our collection of Muru jewellery here at Wave encompasses bracelets, earrings and pendants. Whether for a family member, friend or partner, each item is exclusively distinctive and symbolises its own very special meaning which makes Muru jewellery the perfect gift for a loved one.

Another asset to the contemporary style of Muru jewellery is that it can be doubled up to create maximum impact. The opportunity to incorporate multiple items of Muru into one look is that it becomes a unique and fashionable style for festival jewellery or casual everyday music.

The driving philosophy behind Muru and which is just one of the reasons it is so popular today is the ideology to form jewellery which can empower whilst also being fashionable. If you are in search of jewellery which encompasses meaning behind a stunning exterior, then make sure to take a trip through Muru’s collection and witness the sheer beauty and sentimental value maintained by this magnificent jewellery creator.

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