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Lucy Quartermaine Jewellery

The exquisite collection of Lucy Q jewellery which we stock here at Wave Jewellery is somewhat of a marvel.

Lucy Q offers a very unique and original range of jewellery, reputable for being original and exceptionally creative in style. If looking to make a statement with your jewels and add a certain special touch to your outfit, then there is no other jewellery designer like Lucy Q.

The acclaimed British jewellery designer and silversmith who took a keen interest in creating jewellery during her teenage years took particular inspiration growing up in Chester from her grandmother who also designed her own jewellery. After crafting jewellery as part of her A level in design and technology, Lucy was given the opportunity to learn more about silversmithing.

After gaining a foundation in art and design, Lucy went on to study for a degree in Jewellery Design and Metalwork at Sheffield Hallam University before setting up Lucy Q Designs.

The wonderfully unique characteristic of Lucy Q jewellery is that she has taken typical British themes and transformed them into interesting and innovative items of jewellery. Lucy plays on the comedy element of everyday items by crafting humour into them.

Lucy’s interest in silversmithing has resulted in a collection which has been sculptured predominantly using silver. This preference of metal adds a distinctive contemporary, sleek and clean feel to her collection. Despite this, the incorporation of gold and rose gold amongst some of her items also adds a touch of variety and interest.

As you browse Lucy Q’s collection here at Wave, you will quickly be able to recognise the everyday objects which have inspired her innovative range of jewellery. The ‘Drip’ range of Lucy Q jewellery emulating droplets of water or rain is especially captivating and the perfect way of adding a statement accessory to your look. The ‘Button’ through to the ‘Jigsaw’ also feature as normal items, however when constructed into silver pieces, are instantly transformed into remarkable and fascinating objects.

Lucy Q’s spectacular range exhibiting outstanding silver work and shaping everyday items into stunning pieces of jewellery is what has made this collection of jewellery today so fantastic whilst also being so heart-warming and comforting.

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