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  • The New Wave – Up and Coming Jewellery Designers

    Here at Wave, we’re not just about the big name brands. We also stock pieces some more recent up and coming jewellery designers, from all around the world.

    Here are some of our favourites:

    Rachel Galley

    Rachel Galley is known for her beautiful silver pieces and has been making waves over the last couple of years, winning multiple awards in the industry such as ‘Walpole Brand of Tomorrow’ in 2013 and most recently the Bridal Award 2015.

    Rachel predominantly uses a signature lattice style to create elegant, sophisticated but contemporary pieces.

    This signature style allows her jewellery to cleverly reflect the light and sparkle as if set with diamonds.

    Here at Wave, we stock an excellent range of Rachel Galley pieces across a number of her ranges, all of which you can view here.

    Endless Jewelry

    Endless is the brainchild of Jesper Nielsen, the man behind the world famous Pandora brand, and he’s hoping that it can go on to join Pandora as a giant of the jewellery world.

    Endless is little more than a couple of years old but is already being hailed as one of the fastest growing jewellery brands in history, opening 3,300 stores in 17 markets within their first 18 months.

    For such a relatively new brand, they’ve managed to rope in a very big name spokesperson in Jennifer Lopez, who has her own Endless range.

    If you haven’t already heard of Endless, you definitely will have done in a couple of years!

    You can check out our range of Endless bracelets and charms here, starting from as little as £16.


    Manja was founded in 2014 by three brothers in London but inspired by the colour and fire of Madagascar.

    Their history of jewellery design goes back five generations and perfectly reflects the exotic surroundings that they grew up in.

    Manja literally translates to ‘beauty’ from the Madagascan language and this can definitely be seen in their pieces, which fuse the exotic flora and fauna of Madagascar with European fashion and culture to create perfectly modern and sophisticated pieces.

    Here at Wave have a range of colourful rings from Manja for you to browse, allowing you to bring a little bit of the Indian Ocean into your day to day life.

    Esoteric Luxury

    This rapidly growing brand was founded by husband and wife pair Satbir and Shikha Tamber in 2014.

    They’ve quickly established themselves as a name to watch, with their Luna Estrella collection being named as a runner-up at the Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year in 2014.

    The pair come from a background in luxury retail, as well as running a new design and branding agency, all experience which they’re using to now expand their brand overseas.

    Check out our full range of Esoteric Luxury products here.

    Gitte Soee

    Gitte Soee grew up surrounded by natural beauty in the Danish countryside and was inspired by her natural surroundings, landscapes and craftsmanship.

    Over time she developed a passion for design and jewellery and formed her own company in 2011.

    Before doing so though, Gitte travelled to India to educated herself in age-old Indian production techniques.

    She continues to combine her love for travel and jewellery, constantly crossing the globe picking up new inspirations and designs.

    Check out our Gitte Soee range here at Wave Jewellery.

  • Introducing: Calvin Klein Jewellery

    A pioneer of clothing, underwear, home accessories, fragrance and jewellery, Calvin Klein is considered to be one of the most well-known designer names within a number of different industries today.

    The American fashion house which was founded by fashion designer Calvin Klein with its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City is a brand which today is an international business, with separate divisions across Europe, Asia and Japan. The understated yet elegant style of Calvin Klein has captured the interest of a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, as well as across a wider international population.

    Yet where did this all start and how exactly has Calvin Klein become one of the most recognisable and eminent brands today?

    We’re going to take a trip back through history and introduce you to the man himself who was responsible for the creation of this iconic brand as we delve into where exactly this brand started from and how it quickly developed into what it is today.

    The Beginning

    Klein was born in 1942 and even as a young boy, he taught himself to sketch and sew. As a young gent, he managed to gain a place at the New York High School of Art and Design as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology between 1959-1962.

    After spending a few years as an independent designer and creating collections for a few New York stores, in 1968 Klein took the plunge and set up his new business; Calvin Klein Inc.

    However, he was not alone as he set up the business with his friend Barry Schwartz who helped to manage the business side of things. Originally the company started off by designing coats for women, however following a large order from the New York City store, Bonwit Teller, it wasn’t long before Klein’s name started to spread through the fashion industry. It took just one year for Klein to appear on the front of Vogue’s magazine.

    Klein then began to expand his collection further a field as he added sportswear along with the original women’s coats. Yet by the 1970’s Klein had extended his range to a full women’s collection.

    Named ‘Calvin the Conqueror’, he was also the youngest to have ever receive the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award for his womenswear collection including 74 pieces.


    Klein changed the market of men’s underwear forever during the 1980’s with the distinctive white underwear bought in packs of three which remarkably can still be purchased in shops today and offered an alternative which wasn’t just practical, but more importantly desirable.

    However, not all was plain sailing during this time as financial problems surfaced. This along with problems to do with the licensing of the menswear line, its low sales, and huge employee turnover sparked rumours that the company was up for sale.

    After nearly going into liquidation, the company was salvaged by regaining and increasing profitability throughout the 1990’s.

    Klein continued his innovative work throughout the 90’s when he launched his first unisex fragrance, ‘cK One’ and was even awarded the title of America’s Best Designer.

    2002 onwards

    In 2002, Klein sold his company to Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation whilst Klein maintained the creative chief’s role at the company. The transaction was financially supported by a private equity firm in New York, Alex Partners Inc.

    Whilst Klein remained to be the creative head of the collections, he also continued as an advisor to the new company from 2003 but has been claimed to be more withdrawn from the business.


    Klein’s advertising campaigns are perhaps as well known as the product range. His creation of adverts including young and underage models was particularly controversial. A young 15-year- old Brook Shields was photographed for one of the Klein’s’ 1980 jean campaigns with the attached slogan, "You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing" causing quite a rumble.

    However, Klein didn’t stop there. Kate Moss has also appeared in a number of his advertising campaigns, most famously when Klein launched his first unisex cologne, ‘cK one’.

    You can take a look at some of Klein’s’ most controversial campaigns through the years by heading to Fashion Gone Rogue.

    Jewellery Collection

    Fast-forwarding to the present day, Calvin Klein isn’t just a brand reputable for its popular designer clothing range. With the collaboration of Swatch Group, a collection of Calvin Klein watches was launched in 1997 and are most recognisable for their strikingly clean, refined and contemporary designs.

    The Klein collection evolved even further in 2004 when the New York team launched a new range of jewellery. Alike the wonderfully sophisticated style of the Calvin Klein watches, the jewellery collection followed suit, and correctly so, as the stylish yet simple designs of pieces have proved to be extremely popular today.

    Here at Wave Jewellery, we host a fantastic range of exquisite Calvin Klein jewellery. Our collection, which includes a variety of pieces such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and watches, offers a sleek and refined alternative to present-day jewellery.

    Our selection of silver, gold and rose gold pieces also ensures that you can easily match the tone of our jewellery to your complexion for stunning results.

    As you take a browse through our full range of jewellery and observe the beautiful simplicity of the curves and lines which have been carefully crafted into each item, you will quickly learn that these pieces continue to drive the brand’s message of elegance and lust.

    It would certainly be fair to say that alike the iconic clothing range, Calvin Klein’s range of watches and jewellery embed within their style the same innovative craftsmanship and sophistication which has made this brand one of the most renowned names today.

    If you would like to find out more about our range of Calvin Klein jewellery, or if you have any questions regarding our collection here at Wave Jewellery, then please contact either our Manchester or Kendal stores.