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Three Ladies Watch Brands To Keep An Eye On In 2016

Traditionally, the world of watchmaking has focused a little more on producing luxury watches for men, but more and more brands are popping up which are targeted at the female market.

And don’t worry, while these watches may be aimed at women, you won’t be seeing too many pink and flowery numbers.

Today’s women’s watches are made for the modern woman, feminine but functional and built for both business and pleasure.

Here are three of the biggest ladies’ watch brands that we think you should be keeping an eye out for this year.

Olivia Burton Watches

Olivia Burton was founded by uni friends Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings back in 2012 and provide an excellent range of stylish but affordable timepieces for women.

The pair met at London College of Fashion before going on to work in the fashion industry and eventually creating their unique watch brand (named after Lesa’s great aunt, who supported the young entrepreneurs through their early years).

Their pieces are full of feminine charm, combined with a timeless retro feel, inspired by the Great British outdoors.

The brand got off to an excellent start to life as they launched their first collection with the prestigious retailer Harvey Nichols, with many styles selling out almost instantly.

Olivia Burton release new styles every two months, reacting to the latest seasonal trends and always staying one step ahead of the curve.

Olivia Burton is certainly one of the biggest up and comers on the watch market, and we love their quintessentially British designs.

They’re constantly surprising us with new designs and we can’t wait to see what they come up with throughout 2016 and even further into the future!

Mondaine Watches

Mondaine watches are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique face design based on the Swiss railway clock of the 1940s.

In fact, the design is so iconic that Apple got in trouble (to the tune of £15m!) when they used the design as the clock face on iPhones!

The clarity and minimalism of these watches make them a must for anyone who prides themselves on a simplistic and clean look.

As well as the distinctive black minute and hour hands, Mondaine watches are also known for their famous red seconds hand, modelled after the red paddle used by station masters in Switzerland.

So if it’s a truly iconic watch you want on your wrist, look no further than a Mondaine ladies watch.

Calvin Klein Watches

Calvin Klein are perhaps better known for their clothing and fragrance ranges, but did you know they also have an excellent range of ladies watches?

This fashion house was formed back in 1968, coming into the public consciousness with a series of successful ad campaigns in the 1980s, but they’re still producing quality designs here in 2016.

Their designs are based on striking, refined and contemporary lines, with famous pieces such as the CK Dress leading their offering.

Unlike many fashion brands, Calvin Klein’s watches are actually made in Switzerland, something they’re very proud of, giving them the technical sophistication to go with their undeniable style.

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