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Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Watch As A Gift

Here is everything you need to know about buying a watch as a gift, from getting the size to the style right for your intended recipient.

The Recipient

The age and sex of an intended recipient will determine a number of factors which will in turn tailor your search for the perfect watch to give as a gift – provided you take them into consideration when shopping, of course.

That is, a watch bought for a six year old girl who is just learning to tell the time will (at least we hope for the recipient’s sake!) be a very different watch to that given to a man as a retirement gift and to remind him and celebrate that now his time really is his own. Hence, think carefully about who the watch is for. At the very least, ask yourself how old they are and what sex they are. Further, identifying the age and sex of your intended recipient matters because it will almost certainly affect the size of both the strap and too perhaps the face of the watch purchased.

For advice on getting the right size watch for your intended recipient, head over to the Ebay website and give their Watch Buying Size Guide a read. After all, and as the guide makes clear, if you intend to shop online as well as or as an alternative to hitting the high street, getting the size right can become a far more tricky business if you are not familiar with standard strap and face sizes.

The Occasion

Not all watches are gifted for birthdays and Christmases. Further, a watch given as a gift to a child having achieved something or to an adult couple as anniversary presents might  mean shopping for watches which in some way reflect the event. For example, a child’s watch might feature a face with the numbers, minutes and hours clearly stated and bearing different coloured hands if they are still learning to tell the time. Meanwhile a set of watches for a couple as a wedding or anniversary present might bear straps in corresponding colours or the colours chosen as part of a wedding theme.

The Style

Style is one of the most complicated aspects of watch buying when buying a watch as a gift and not for one’s self. After all, you know yourself inside out; hence, you know exactly what you like, want and do not like.

In contrast, buying for somebody else, especially if the watch is being given as a surprise (meaning that you cannot simply ask your recipient what they’d like or for some advice and pointers before going shopping) involves varying degrees of guess work and drawing on what you do know about the recipient.

Fortunately, a watch being a very personal item, those buying a watch as a gift usually know their recipient well. Then, ask yourself the following questions about their specific ‘style’ and fashion sense:

  What colours do they like?

Beyond opting to play it safe by purchasing a watch in their favourite colour, a good way to give yourself a little more choice when shopping is to pay particular attention to the colours they most often wear.

Do they currently have a watch?

If they do, what style elements does their current watch bear and what don’t they like about it or complain about whilst wearing it?

Further, if they have a watch collection, what style elements feature on all or most of the watches that comprise it? Most people who collect watches will have a particular brand, make, strap type, face size or mechanism type that they like best and stands out when looking at the collection as a whole.

  What is their fashion sense like?

It is worth taking into account the fashion sense of a recipient. For example a young, modern and style conscious male is likely to be drawn to contemporary, innovative designers who are also loved by major fashion houses. Then, something like a Wave Jewellery watch is almost certain to prove a big hit as the watches created by the Wave design team champion all three of those aesthetic aspects and have recently been scouted by global fashion designer Calvin Klein and created a jewellery line for the fashion house. Hence, they are both ‘cool’ for not yet being worn by everybody, yet set to become massive before too long.

Meanwhile, an older ‘gentleman’ will almost certainly prefer a watch by a long established and major name, such as Rolex, that he will recognise and have long associated as synonymous with creating some of the world’s best and most valuable designs, despite the fact that in 2016 a wealth of fresher faced watch makers and designers, like Wave, are very much taking the lime light – and rightly so.

What sort of lifestyle do they live?

Watches, like most things in 2016, have well and truly entered the digital age. Hence, a traditional analogue or ‘mechanical’ watch (one which bears a circular face and hands, that is) might not prove the ideal gift for everybody. That said, because today this is only one type of watch, that is not to say a watch will not make the perfect gift; rather, you might want to consider your intended recipient and their lifestyle in more depth to ensure the watch your give them suits and meets their needs.

Then, it is worth exploring alternatives to the standard analogue watch. Namely, make a point of exploring whether a FITBIT ‘Super Watch’, the most popular and best loved computerised sports watch currently on the market, or a Smart Watch, a watch which features computer functions, might make a more appropriate gift to, for example, a classic Rolex.

To do this, give both the official FITBIT website and the Tech radar website a visit. Whilst the FITBIT website is the best place to learn more about their sports ‘super watch’, with the choice of smart watches being so vast, it is advisable to research numerous options, which you can do via the Tech Radar website.

  Finally, Should I get a watch engraved?

Whether to have a watch engraved on a recipient’s behalf is a difficult decision to make. After all, if your intended recipient doesn’t like the watch you choose it will be harder for them to exchange it for one they do, or for you to return it if it bears a personal inscription.

On the other hand, one of the reasons watches make such popular and prized gifts and possessions can be because of the inscription they are gifted bearing, and fact that the recipient received both the watch and inscription as a surprise.

Then, it is very important to carefully consider whether to get a gift watch engraved. So, if you aren’t sure whether to have the watch you intend to give engraved, refer to the advice further given via the GQ website which discusses this very issue and the pros and cons of getting a watch engraved in more detail and depth.

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