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Introducing: CLUSE Watches

Wave Jewellery being a proud and official stockist of CLUSE watches, we of course are big fans. For those unfamiliar with CLUSE though, here is a quick introduction.

A Bit About CLUSE

Founded in 2013, simplicity typifies the CLUSE ethos when it comes to watch making and design. Then, there is a CLUE watch appropriate and perfect for every occasion and every type of watch wearer out there; from women looking for a contemporary and fashionable chunky boyfriend watch to men in search of something masculine and stylish without being aesthetically or outwardly aggressive in its design, Amsterdam based CLUSE have the answer.

Modern, understated, confident and championing function and quality in equal measure, CLUSE watches are instantly identifiable for their substantial and signature circular faces, clever use of colour, materials and choice of solid black and white faces. Hence, the entire CLUSE range provides supreme versatility, style and a distinct lack of conceit, rather refreshingly.

CLUSE Models

Despite the simplicity that underpins and ironically sets the CLUSE range apart from its contemporaries, CLUSE provide a number of different models which are all subtly unique.

So, whether you are looking for a watch with a leather strap, gold finish or smattering of silver stones, there is a CLUSE model to suit you. Further, from their understated La Boheme model to the elegant Pavane model, here at Wave Jewellery we stock them all.


With our lowest priced watches in the CLUSE range beginning at only £74 and all of our 23 strong CLUSE watch range being sold at less than £100 each, CLUSE is a brand that proves getting quality, style and sophistication needn’t cost the earth or break the bank.

Further, for those who cannot make it into one of our Wave stores, customers will not be stung by delivery costs as here a Wave Jewellery we deliver the entire CLUSE watch range at no additional charge for postage and packaging. Therefore, the price you pay in store is the same our online customers pay, ensuring that our customers, wherever they may be, can enjoy all that we have to offer here at Wave Jewellery, and all for the same price.

More Information

For more information and to discover the full CLUSE watch range either come to see us in store, shop online via Wave Jewellery, or simply give us a call.

We are always happy and enthusiastic to discuss the brands we stock and lines we sell, as well as speak with our customers. After all, if we weren’t, we simply wouldn’t stock them.

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