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Introducing: Dietrich Watches

Here at Wave Jewellery, we stock a fantastic range of men’s and women’s watches and today we’re going to be taking a closer look at our range of Dietrich watches.

Dietrich watches are considered in some circles to be less of a watch, and more of a work of art, brilliantly combining elegance and luxury in one design, which can be heavily attributed to the fact that they come from the mind of a master designer.

Who is Dietrich?

Dietrich watches are named after their French designer, Emmanuel Dietrich. He was born in Besançon, close to the border with Switzerland and famous for its watchmaking industry.

This reputation for watchmaking clearly had an impact on the young Dietrich who left for Paris to pursue an education in design.

Having graduated from the famous École Boulle design school with an Interior Design degree Dietrich initially went into product design.

After a long and successful career spanning two decades Dietrich wanted to merge his love of design with his love of watches, and in 2009 the Dietrich range of watches was the result.

Organic Time

Dietrich’s designs revolve around the concept of ‘Organic Time’, but what does this mean?

It’s probably best left to the man himself, who said: “The Organic Time is the translation of my singular world. It is the expression of my desire for balance, a balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure. 

“It is the culmination of my design signature: delicate but bold, powerful yet sensual. The Organic Time is more than a desirable object; it is a tool that speaks the same organic language as our bodies.”

The Watches

Dietrich’s OTC (Organic Time Companions) watches are characterised by their fluid and organic designs and a smart juxtaposition of natural and geometric shapes, giving them an aesthetic unlike any of our other watches.

The watches also have three distinct variants of different coloured dials on top of their four-layer structure, which offers depth, texture and an extra dimension, making the watches true ergonomic masterpieces.

Not many watches manage to balance the complexity of design and streamlined simplicity in the way that Dietrich do, and all for a relatively affordable price.

The Tech

Dietrich timepieces mainly use micro-bead finished 316L stainless steel although they do sometimes use PVD and sapphire crystal movements.

Another standard feature is the use of an aperture beneath the layered X-shape feature on the dial.

They’re also very comfortable thanks to their unbroken leather/nylon straps which gently cushion the wrist.

While these features are common across their watches, each Dietrich has its own unique elements.

Dietrich watches are certainly a hot topic in the world of watchmaking and it’s easy to see why, and we’re proud to stock them here at Wave Jewellery, where we’re one of the only Dietrich retailers in the North.

We have the OT-1, OT-3, OT-4 and OT-5 as well as the special edition OT-2 and we also stock replacement Dietrich straps should you need them.

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