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Introducing: Bell & Ross Watches

The unique design of Bell & Ross watches certainly creates an instant visual impact whilst browsing through our collection of watches here Wave Jewellery.

However, not only are the aesthetics of these watches amazingly distinctive, but the craftsmanship and creativity behind the design of these pieces are what has made this brand so popular today.

We’ll take you through the exciting journey of when Bell & Ross was first launched, the watches exceptional design features, as well as show you a few of our favourite pieces from our collection.


The brand as we know so well and love today was founded back in 1982 when the first watches were designed by Belamich and Rosillo, and made by the German watchmaker, Sinn.

Their simple motto “function shapes form” helped create the unique identity of this brand by integrating efficiency, legibility and reliability which is still very much in existence today.

The specific design of these watches aimed to replicate the appearance of cockpit instruments used in aircraft.

Yet another diverse quality of this brand is that some of their pieces, for example, the BR 02 were designed to be used for diving professionals, serving the function of including dials which could be easily read underwater, as well as general water resistance in order to cope with high underwater pressures. The Hydromax contains within it, hydraulic fluid in order to ensure that the watch can withstand external pressures.

In 1997, Bell & Ross made the Guinness Book of Records for the World Water Resistance Record for the Hydro Challenger for up to 11,000 metres.

The first of Bell & Ross’s watches tended to be re-issues of the Sinn models, however, the collaboration between Bell & Ross and Sinn terminated in 2002 when Bell & Ross started its own independent production in Switzerland.



Equipped with their experience in aeronautic and military fields, engineers, master watchmakers and design professionals, the company formed the following aviation pieces:

BR X1: The innovative design of the launch of the BR X1 incorporated a high-tech chronograph sporty design which is both sturdy and elegant.

BR 01: Inspiration from aircraft instrumentation helped to create the identity of the BR 01 which was highly regarded for its exceptional performance in terms of legibility and reliability, and has become one of the most sought after pieces amongst watch collectors today.

BR 03: With its 42mm diameter, the BR 03 was considered to be a watch for the professionals and its range included a variety of different versions depending on the mechanism type, case materials and dial colours.

BR-S: Staying true to the original design of the BR 01, the newer model adopts an even thinner style for a finish which perhaps looks more sophisticated.


BR 02: The BR 02 designed for underwater use for up to 1,000 metres meets the challenges of styling a piece to be used by professional divers including water resistance and ability to perform under high water pressure.


Bell & Ross’s vintage collection of watches embraces the evolution of civil aviation and military timepieces through the 1960’s as well as the progression of the pocket watch into a wristwatch.

Vintage BR: Based upon the style worn by pilots throughout the 1940’s, the Vintage BR displays a rather stripped back and simple model.

Vintage WW1: The Vintage Wrist Watch 1 shows similarities in its model to the wristwatches worn by aviators in the 1920’s styled to be extremely legible and practical. These watches also encompassed the social reforms of the roaring 20’s, for instance, the large diameter, thin leather strap and wire lugs welded onto the side of the watch were popular features of the Vintage WW1.

Vintage WW2: The Vintage Wrist Watch 2, alike the WW1 incorporates a model used by timekeeping items by bomber navigators during the 1930’s and 40’s.

Bell & Ross watches here at Wave

It’s amazing to observe the amount of history steeped behind this brand which has been responsible for creating such a unique range of watches which we’re proud to showcase here at Wave Jewellery in Manchester and Kendal.

Our collection includes a wide variety of aviation, marine and vintage pieces displaying a number of styles depending on your personal preference.

If your style is something which is more understated yet sleek, then the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Black & Steel offers a great combination of simplicity and elegance, yet if you would prefer a model which displays magnificent technical detailing and features then the Bell & Ross BR01-94 B-Rocket Watch is truly fascinating and rather a rare find!

We hope you have found this insight as to the ideology and creativity behind Bell & Ross as interesting as we have speaking to you about it. With a distinctive identity and story behind the development of its collection, it’s no wonder that Bell & Ross, with the notion of functionality at the head of its brand is one of the most iconic watch styles of today.

You can take a look at our full range of Bell & Ross watches here.

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