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  • The New Wave – Up and Coming Jewellery Designers

    Here at Wave, we’re not just about the big name brands. We also stock pieces some more recent up and coming jewellery designers, from all around the world.

    Here are some of our favourites:

    Rachel Galley

    Rachel Galley is known for her beautiful silver pieces and has been making waves over the last couple of years, winning multiple awards in the industry such as ‘Walpole Brand of Tomorrow’ in 2013 and most recently the Bridal Award 2015.

    Rachel predominantly uses a signature lattice style to create elegant, sophisticated but contemporary pieces.

    This signature style allows her jewellery to cleverly reflect the light and sparkle as if set with diamonds.

    Here at Wave, we stock an excellent range of Rachel Galley pieces across a number of her ranges, all of which you can view here.

    Endless Jewelry

    Endless is the brainchild of Jesper Nielsen, the man behind the world famous Pandora brand, and he’s hoping that it can go on to join Pandora as a giant of the jewellery world.

    Endless is little more than a couple of years old but is already being hailed as one of the fastest growing jewellery brands in history, opening 3,300 stores in 17 markets within their first 18 months.

    For such a relatively new brand, they’ve managed to rope in a very big name spokesperson in Jennifer Lopez, who has her own Endless range.

    If you haven’t already heard of Endless, you definitely will have done in a couple of years!

    You can check out our range of Endless bracelets and charms here, starting from as little as £16.


    Manja was founded in 2014 by three brothers in London but inspired by the colour and fire of Madagascar.

    Their history of jewellery design goes back five generations and perfectly reflects the exotic surroundings that they grew up in.

    Manja literally translates to ‘beauty’ from the Madagascan language and this can definitely be seen in their pieces, which fuse the exotic flora and fauna of Madagascar with European fashion and culture to create perfectly modern and sophisticated pieces.

    Here at Wave have a range of colourful rings from Manja for you to browse, allowing you to bring a little bit of the Indian Ocean into your day to day life.

    Esoteric Luxury

    This rapidly growing brand was founded by husband and wife pair Satbir and Shikha Tamber in 2014.

    They’ve quickly established themselves as a name to watch, with their Luna Estrella collection being named as a runner-up at the Professional Jeweller’s Collections of the Year in 2014.

    The pair come from a background in luxury retail, as well as running a new design and branding agency, all experience which they’re using to now expand their brand overseas.

    Check out our full range of Esoteric Luxury products here.

    Gitte Soee

    Gitte Soee grew up surrounded by natural beauty in the Danish countryside and was inspired by her natural surroundings, landscapes and craftsmanship.

    Over time she developed a passion for design and jewellery and formed her own company in 2011.

    Before doing so though, Gitte travelled to India to educated herself in age-old Indian production techniques.

    She continues to combine her love for travel and jewellery, constantly crossing the globe picking up new inspirations and designs.

    Check out our Gitte Soee range here at Wave Jewellery.

  • Three Ladies Watch Brands To Keep An Eye On In 2016

    Traditionally, the world of watchmaking has focused a little more on producing luxury watches for men, but more and more brands are popping up which are targeted at the female market.

    And don’t worry, while these watches may be aimed at women, you won’t be seeing too many pink and flowery numbers.

    Today’s women’s watches are made for the modern woman, feminine but functional and built for both business and pleasure.

    Here are three of the biggest ladies’ watch brands that we think you should be keeping an eye out for this year.

    Olivia Burton Watches

    Olivia Burton was founded by uni friends Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings back in 2012 and provide an excellent range of stylish but affordable timepieces for women.

    The pair met at London College of Fashion before going on to work in the fashion industry and eventually creating their unique watch brand (named after Lesa’s great aunt, who supported the young entrepreneurs through their early years).

    Their pieces are full of feminine charm, combined with a timeless retro feel, inspired by the Great British outdoors.

    The brand got off to an excellent start to life as they launched their first collection with the prestigious retailer Harvey Nichols, with many styles selling out almost instantly.

    Olivia Burton release new styles every two months, reacting to the latest seasonal trends and always staying one step ahead of the curve.

    Olivia Burton is certainly one of the biggest up and comers on the watch market, and we love their quintessentially British designs.

    They’re constantly surprising us with new designs and we can’t wait to see what they come up with throughout 2016 and even further into the future!

    Mondaine Watches

    Mondaine watches are instantly recognisable thanks to their unique face design based on the Swiss railway clock of the 1940s.

    In fact, the design is so iconic that Apple got in trouble (to the tune of £15m!) when they used the design as the clock face on iPhones!

    The clarity and minimalism of these watches make them a must for anyone who prides themselves on a simplistic and clean look.

    As well as the distinctive black minute and hour hands, Mondaine watches are also known for their famous red seconds hand, modelled after the red paddle used by station masters in Switzerland.

    So if it’s a truly iconic watch you want on your wrist, look no further than a Mondaine ladies watch.

    Calvin Klein Watches

    Calvin Klein are perhaps better known for their clothing and fragrance ranges, but did you know they also have an excellent range of ladies watches?

    This fashion house was formed back in 1968, coming into the public consciousness with a series of successful ad campaigns in the 1980s, but they’re still producing quality designs here in 2016.

    Their designs are based on striking, refined and contemporary lines, with famous pieces such as the CK Dress leading their offering.

    Unlike many fashion brands, Calvin Klein’s watches are actually made in Switzerland, something they’re very proud of, giving them the technical sophistication to go with their undeniable style.

  • Everything You Need To Know About Buying A Watch As A Gift

    Here is everything you need to know about buying a watch as a gift, from getting the size to the style right for your intended recipient.

    The Recipient

    The age and sex of an intended recipient will determine a number of factors which will in turn tailor your search for the perfect watch to give as a gift – provided you take them into consideration when shopping, of course.

    That is, a watch bought for a six year old girl who is just learning to tell the time will (at least we hope for the recipient’s sake!) be a very different watch to that given to a man as a retirement gift and to remind him and celebrate that now his time really is his own. Hence, think carefully about who the watch is for. At the very least, ask yourself how old they are and what sex they are. Further, identifying the age and sex of your intended recipient matters because it will almost certainly affect the size of both the strap and too perhaps the face of the watch purchased.

    For advice on getting the right size watch for your intended recipient, head over to the Ebay website and give their Watch Buying Size Guide a read. After all, and as the guide makes clear, if you intend to shop online as well as or as an alternative to hitting the high street, getting the size right can become a far more tricky business if you are not familiar with standard strap and face sizes.

    The Occasion

    Not all watches are gifted for birthdays and Christmases. Further, a watch given as a gift to a child having achieved something or to an adult couple as anniversary presents might  mean shopping for watches which in some way reflect the event. For example, a child’s watch might feature a face with the numbers, minutes and hours clearly stated and bearing different coloured hands if they are still learning to tell the time. Meanwhile a set of watches for a couple as a wedding or anniversary present might bear straps in corresponding colours or the colours chosen as part of a wedding theme.

    The Style

    Style is one of the most complicated aspects of watch buying when buying a watch as a gift and not for one’s self. After all, you know yourself inside out; hence, you know exactly what you like, want and do not like.

    In contrast, buying for somebody else, especially if the watch is being given as a surprise (meaning that you cannot simply ask your recipient what they’d like or for some advice and pointers before going shopping) involves varying degrees of guess work and drawing on what you do know about the recipient.

    Fortunately, a watch being a very personal item, those buying a watch as a gift usually know their recipient well. Then, ask yourself the following questions about their specific ‘style’ and fashion sense:

      What colours do they like?

    Beyond opting to play it safe by purchasing a watch in their favourite colour, a good way to give yourself a little more choice when shopping is to pay particular attention to the colours they most often wear.

    Do they currently have a watch?

    If they do, what style elements does their current watch bear and what don’t they like about it or complain about whilst wearing it?

    Further, if they have a watch collection, what style elements feature on all or most of the watches that comprise it? Most people who collect watches will have a particular brand, make, strap type, face size or mechanism type that they like best and stands out when looking at the collection as a whole.

      What is their fashion sense like?

    It is worth taking into account the fashion sense of a recipient. For example a young, modern and style conscious male is likely to be drawn to contemporary, innovative designers who are also loved by major fashion houses. Then, something like a Wave Jewellery watch is almost certain to prove a big hit as the watches created by the Wave design team champion all three of those aesthetic aspects and have recently been scouted by global fashion designer Calvin Klein and created a jewellery line for the fashion house. Hence, they are both ‘cool’ for not yet being worn by everybody, yet set to become massive before too long.

    Meanwhile, an older ‘gentleman’ will almost certainly prefer a watch by a long established and major name, such as Rolex, that he will recognise and have long associated as synonymous with creating some of the world’s best and most valuable designs, despite the fact that in 2016 a wealth of fresher faced watch makers and designers, like Wave, are very much taking the lime light – and rightly so.

    What sort of lifestyle do they live?

    Watches, like most things in 2016, have well and truly entered the digital age. Hence, a traditional analogue or ‘mechanical’ watch (one which bears a circular face and hands, that is) might not prove the ideal gift for everybody. That said, because today this is only one type of watch, that is not to say a watch will not make the perfect gift; rather, you might want to consider your intended recipient and their lifestyle in more depth to ensure the watch your give them suits and meets their needs.

    Then, it is worth exploring alternatives to the standard analogue watch. Namely, make a point of exploring whether a FITBIT ‘Super Watch’, the most popular and best loved computerised sports watch currently on the market, or a Smart Watch, a watch which features computer functions, might make a more appropriate gift to, for example, a classic Rolex.

    To do this, give both the official FITBIT website and the Tech radar website a visit. Whilst the FITBIT website is the best place to learn more about their sports ‘super watch’, with the choice of smart watches being so vast, it is advisable to research numerous options, which you can do via the Tech Radar website.

      Finally, Should I get a watch engraved?

    Whether to have a watch engraved on a recipient’s behalf is a difficult decision to make. After all, if your intended recipient doesn’t like the watch you choose it will be harder for them to exchange it for one they do, or for you to return it if it bears a personal inscription.

    On the other hand, one of the reasons watches make such popular and prized gifts and possessions can be because of the inscription they are gifted bearing, and fact that the recipient received both the watch and inscription as a surprise.

    Then, it is very important to carefully consider whether to get a gift watch engraved. So, if you aren’t sure whether to have the watch you intend to give engraved, refer to the advice further given via the GQ website which discusses this very issue and the pros and cons of getting a watch engraved in more detail and depth.

  • Introducing: CLUSE Watches

    Wave Jewellery being a proud and official stockist of CLUSE watches, we of course are big fans. For those unfamiliar with CLUSE though, here is a quick introduction.

    A Bit About CLUSE

    Founded in 2013, simplicity typifies the CLUSE ethos when it comes to watch making and design. Then, there is a CLUE watch appropriate and perfect for every occasion and every type of watch wearer out there; from women looking for a contemporary and fashionable chunky boyfriend watch to men in search of something masculine and stylish without being aesthetically or outwardly aggressive in its design, Amsterdam based CLUSE have the answer.

    Modern, understated, confident and championing function and quality in equal measure, CLUSE watches are instantly identifiable for their substantial and signature circular faces, clever use of colour, materials and choice of solid black and white faces. Hence, the entire CLUSE range provides supreme versatility, style and a distinct lack of conceit, rather refreshingly.

    CLUSE Models

    Despite the simplicity that underpins and ironically sets the CLUSE range apart from its contemporaries, CLUSE provide a number of different models which are all subtly unique.

    So, whether you are looking for a watch with a leather strap, gold finish or smattering of silver stones, there is a CLUSE model to suit you. Further, from their understated La Boheme model to the elegant Pavane model, here at Wave Jewellery we stock them all.


    With our lowest priced watches in the CLUSE range beginning at only £74 and all of our 23 strong CLUSE watch range being sold at less than £100 each, CLUSE is a brand that proves getting quality, style and sophistication needn’t cost the earth or break the bank.

    Further, for those who cannot make it into one of our Wave stores, customers will not be stung by delivery costs as here a Wave Jewellery we deliver the entire CLUSE watch range at no additional charge for postage and packaging. Therefore, the price you pay in store is the same our online customers pay, ensuring that our customers, wherever they may be, can enjoy all that we have to offer here at Wave Jewellery, and all for the same price.

    More Information

    For more information and to discover the full CLUSE watch range either come to see us in store, shop online via Wave Jewellery, or simply give us a call.

    We are always happy and enthusiastic to discuss the brands we stock and lines we sell, as well as speak with our customers. After all, if we weren’t, we simply wouldn’t stock them.

  • Introducing: Dietrich Watches

    Here at Wave Jewellery, we stock a fantastic range of men’s and women’s watches and today we’re going to be taking a closer look at our range of Dietrich watches.

    Dietrich watches are considered in some circles to be less of a watch, and more of a work of art, brilliantly combining elegance and luxury in one design, which can be heavily attributed to the fact that they come from the mind of a master designer.

    Who is Dietrich?

    Dietrich watches are named after their French designer, Emmanuel Dietrich. He was born in Besançon, close to the border with Switzerland and famous for its watchmaking industry.

    This reputation for watchmaking clearly had an impact on the young Dietrich who left for Paris to pursue an education in design.

    Having graduated from the famous École Boulle design school with an Interior Design degree Dietrich initially went into product design.

    After a long and successful career spanning two decades Dietrich wanted to merge his love of design with his love of watches, and in 2009 the Dietrich range of watches was the result.

    Organic Time

    Dietrich’s designs revolve around the concept of ‘Organic Time’, but what does this mean?

    It’s probably best left to the man himself, who said: “The Organic Time is the translation of my singular world. It is the expression of my desire for balance, a balance between feelings, forms, sensations and pleasure. 

    “It is the culmination of my design signature: delicate but bold, powerful yet sensual. The Organic Time is more than a desirable object; it is a tool that speaks the same organic language as our bodies.”

    The Watches

    Dietrich’s OTC (Organic Time Companions) watches are characterised by their fluid and organic designs and a smart juxtaposition of natural and geometric shapes, giving them an aesthetic unlike any of our other watches.

    The watches also have three distinct variants of different coloured dials on top of their four-layer structure, which offers depth, texture and an extra dimension, making the watches true ergonomic masterpieces.

    Not many watches manage to balance the complexity of design and streamlined simplicity in the way that Dietrich do, and all for a relatively affordable price.

    The Tech

    Dietrich timepieces mainly use micro-bead finished 316L stainless steel although they do sometimes use PVD and sapphire crystal movements.

    Another standard feature is the use of an aperture beneath the layered X-shape feature on the dial.

    They’re also very comfortable thanks to their unbroken leather/nylon straps which gently cushion the wrist.

    While these features are common across their watches, each Dietrich has its own unique elements.

    Dietrich watches are certainly a hot topic in the world of watchmaking and it’s easy to see why, and we’re proud to stock them here at Wave Jewellery, where we’re one of the only Dietrich retailers in the North.

    We have the OT-1, OT-3, OT-4 and OT-5 as well as the special edition OT-2 and we also stock replacement Dietrich straps should you need them.

  • How To Match Your Watch With Your Outfit [Infographic]

    It’s not always easy to choose the right watch to go with an outfit, because like shoes, they come in different shapes and sizes, and ultimately come in a myriad of different styles.

    Matching your watch with your outfit doesn’t have to be difficult, so long as you know what to look out for and what works with what.

    As such, we've put together a handy infographic which helps you to match your watch with your outfit:

    Fancy sharing our infographic? Use our handy embed code below:

  • 8 Ways To Identify A Fake Diamond [Infographic]

    A diamond can be a girl’s best friend but can also be her worst enemy...that is, if the stone turns out to be fake. Whilst the only way to guarantee the authenticity of a stone is to have it appraised by an independent gemologist, knowing the warning signs of a fake is often a great indication as to whether it needs a visit to a professional.

    Here are 8 ways to identify a fake diamond, providing a simple and straightforward process to help spot the warning signs:

    How To Identify A Fake Diamond

    1. Check The Certification
      Any genuine diamond should come complete with a certificate from a grading authority to verify its authenticity. Such a certificate should include everything which needs to be to known about the stone, including the cut, carat, clarity, colour and more.
    2. Check The Reflection
      The reflection of a genuine diamond will have different shades of grey and white on the inside and light rainbow colours on the outside. A fake diamond will have rainbow reflections on the inside.
    3. Do The Fog Test
      Breathe on the diamond and watch how quickly the fog clears. A genuine diamond can disperse heat rapidly and, as such, the fog should clear almost instantly. Fakes will usually take at least 2 seconds to clear.
    4. Check The Refractivity
      The refractivity is a diamond’s ability to bend light which passes through, contributing to its brilliance, something which cannot be replicated. Place on a newspaper. With a fake, it will be possible to read the print through the diamond but not with a genuine one.
    5. Do The UV Test
      The majority of diamonds have a light blue hue when under UV light. Test a diamond by using a UV lamp to look for this blue hue, taking note that not all diamonds will have this. As such, not all stones without this characteristic will be fake.

    6. Check For Imperfections
      Using a loupe, check for imperfections. A fake stone will be perfect, whilst a genuine diamond will display a number of imperfections due to the fact that it came from nature. These imperfections are known as inclusions.

    7. Do The Sandpaper Test
      Rub the diamond with sandpaper and look to identify whether it has scratched the surface. A real stone will remain perfect after being scratched given that it’s one of the world’s hardest materials yet a fake will scratch up.
    8. Check The Setting & Mount
      A real diamond is unlikely to be set in a cheap metal and this can be one of the easiest ways to identify a fake. You would generally expect to see a diamond set in either real gold or platinum yet a fake in a cheaper, inferior metal.

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  • Introducing: Bell & Ross Watches

    The unique design of Bell & Ross watches certainly creates an instant visual impact whilst browsing through our collection of watches here Wave Jewellery.

    However, not only are the aesthetics of these watches amazingly distinctive, but the craftsmanship and creativity behind the design of these pieces are what has made this brand so popular today.

    We’ll take you through the exciting journey of when Bell & Ross was first launched, the watches exceptional design features, as well as show you a few of our favourite pieces from our collection.


    The brand as we know so well and love today was founded back in 1982 when the first watches were designed by Belamich and Rosillo, and made by the German watchmaker, Sinn.

    Their simple motto “function shapes form” helped create the unique identity of this brand by integrating efficiency, legibility and reliability which is still very much in existence today.

    The specific design of these watches aimed to replicate the appearance of cockpit instruments used in aircraft.

    Yet another diverse quality of this brand is that some of their pieces, for example, the BR 02 were designed to be used for diving professionals, serving the function of including dials which could be easily read underwater, as well as general water resistance in order to cope with high underwater pressures. The Hydromax contains within it, hydraulic fluid in order to ensure that the watch can withstand external pressures.

    In 1997, Bell & Ross made the Guinness Book of Records for the World Water Resistance Record for the Hydro Challenger for up to 11,000 metres.

    The first of Bell & Ross’s watches tended to be re-issues of the Sinn models, however, the collaboration between Bell & Ross and Sinn terminated in 2002 when Bell & Ross started its own independent production in Switzerland.



    Equipped with their experience in aeronautic and military fields, engineers, master watchmakers and design professionals, the company formed the following aviation pieces:

    BR X1: The innovative design of the launch of the BR X1 incorporated a high-tech chronograph sporty design which is both sturdy and elegant.

    BR 01: Inspiration from aircraft instrumentation helped to create the identity of the BR 01 which was highly regarded for its exceptional performance in terms of legibility and reliability, and has become one of the most sought after pieces amongst watch collectors today.

    BR 03: With its 42mm diameter, the BR 03 was considered to be a watch for the professionals and its range included a variety of different versions depending on the mechanism type, case materials and dial colours.

    BR-S: Staying true to the original design of the BR 01, the newer model adopts an even thinner style for a finish which perhaps looks more sophisticated.


    BR 02: The BR 02 designed for underwater use for up to 1,000 metres meets the challenges of styling a piece to be used by professional divers including water resistance and ability to perform under high water pressure.


    Bell & Ross’s vintage collection of watches embraces the evolution of civil aviation and military timepieces through the 1960’s as well as the progression of the pocket watch into a wristwatch.

    Vintage BR: Based upon the style worn by pilots throughout the 1940’s, the Vintage BR displays a rather stripped back and simple model.

    Vintage WW1: The Vintage Wrist Watch 1 shows similarities in its model to the wristwatches worn by aviators in the 1920’s styled to be extremely legible and practical. These watches also encompassed the social reforms of the roaring 20’s, for instance, the large diameter, thin leather strap and wire lugs welded onto the side of the watch were popular features of the Vintage WW1.

    Vintage WW2: The Vintage Wrist Watch 2, alike the WW1 incorporates a model used by timekeeping items by bomber navigators during the 1930’s and 40’s.

    Bell & Ross watches here at Wave

    It’s amazing to observe the amount of history steeped behind this brand which has been responsible for creating such a unique range of watches which we’re proud to showcase here at Wave Jewellery in Manchester and Kendal.

    Our collection includes a wide variety of aviation, marine and vintage pieces displaying a number of styles depending on your personal preference.

    If your style is something which is more understated yet sleek, then the Bell & Ross BR03-92 Black & Steel offers a great combination of simplicity and elegance, yet if you would prefer a model which displays magnificent technical detailing and features then the Bell & Ross BR01-94 B-Rocket Watch is truly fascinating and rather a rare find!

    We hope you have found this insight as to the ideology and creativity behind Bell & Ross as interesting as we have speaking to you about it. With a distinctive identity and story behind the development of its collection, it’s no wonder that Bell & Ross, with the notion of functionality at the head of its brand is one of the most iconic watch styles of today.

    You can take a look at our full range of Bell & Ross watches here.

  • Introducing: Olivia Burton Watches

    Here at Wave, we’re proud to stock the latest ladies Olivia Burton watches.

    We love their vintage inspired, fashion forward designs and we’re sure you will do too!

    Here we’ve taken a look at the history of the brand, as well as some of our favourite pieces.

    Who Is Behind Olivia Burton?

    Olivia Burton is a relatively new watch brand and was only set up in 2012 by best friends and ex-fashion buyers Lesa Bennett and Jemma Fennings.

    The two have been friends ever since their days at the London College of Fashion and decided to launch Olivia Burton after spotting a gap for affordable and stylish watches, naming their new venture after Lesa’s great aunt whose spirited personality also served as an important inspiration.

    The brand is full of fun, fashionable and timeless pieces, all crafted with an impressive attention to detail and an unmistakable vintage style.

    Things started off with a bang when the girl’s first collection was launched with department store giants Harvey Nichols and earned rave reviews as many styles instantly sold out.

    The label has gone from strength to strength and now releases new collections every two months, which allows them to keep ahead of the curve on seasonal trends and keep offering their customers new and exciting styles.


    • Big Dial: The Big Dial collection is full of statement pieces which are sure to have a striking impact, such as this Big Dial Bracelet Gold Watch.
    • Midi Dial: Perfect if you don’t fancy the oversized Big Dial collection, these slightly smaller designs are a simple and subtle alternative.
    • Wonderland: The Wonderland range blends Olivia Burton’s vintage spirit with the latest catwalk trends to create classic but modern results. Crafted with versatile hues, this range works with any outfit.
    • Animal: Olivia Burton love animals and love to incorporate this into their pieces. This countryside-inspired collection includes lots of animal prints and dials, such as this Animal Motif Moulded Bee watch in brown and silver.
    • Woodland: Continuing Lesa and Jemma’s love of the British countryside is the Woodland collection, featuring gorgeous images of woodland creatures, such as the Woodland Butterflies watch in black and silver.
    • Winter Garden: Featuring a range of floral pieces with a slightly darker mood and flowers, leaves and foliage imagery.
    • Enchanted Garden: The light side to the dark of the Winter Garden, these romantic, ethereal pieces are perfect for the summer months.
    • Timeless: As the name suggests, this collection boasts classic pieces which will never go out of style, featuring minimalist but classy designs which will be staples of your watch wardrobe.
    • Painterly Prints: These arty and on-trend pieces will make you feel like you’re wearing your very own masterpiece on your wrist. Featuring hand painted and watercolour designs such as this dark grey and silver Hummingbird piece.

    Our favourites

    We love all of our Olivia Burton watches, but we’ve picked out a couple of our favourites, which we’re sure you’ll love too.

    Olivia Burton Chrono Detail Navy Dial and Rose Gold Watch

    This piece from the Big Dial collection features multiple dials, a rose gold plated case and a soft genuine leather strap.

    One of the more luxurious Olivia Burton watches, this timepiece is sure to add a bit of class to your outfit.

    Olivia Burton Mini Mint and Rose Gold Watch

    If the bigger statement watches aren’t for you, why not opt for this small but stylish option?

    With a delicate sunray effect face, this watch is a subtle but effective alternative, which is great for layering with bracelets.

    It’s also one of the more affordable pieces in the Olivia Burton range!

    Olivia Burton Painterly Prints Midi Black and Silver

    We love the Painterly Prints collection and the way it blends the latest catwalk trends with arty prints.

    In particular, we love this hand painted floral design with a soft black leather strap and silver casing.


    We hope you love these quintessentially British pieces as much as we do and if so, you can browse our full range here.

  • Introducing: Calvin Klein Jewellery

    A pioneer of clothing, underwear, home accessories, fragrance and jewellery, Calvin Klein is considered to be one of the most well-known designer names within a number of different industries today.

    The American fashion house which was founded by fashion designer Calvin Klein with its headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, New York City is a brand which today is an international business, with separate divisions across Europe, Asia and Japan. The understated yet elegant style of Calvin Klein has captured the interest of a number of celebrities including Gwyneth Paltrow, Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts, as well as across a wider international population.

    Yet where did this all start and how exactly has Calvin Klein become one of the most recognisable and eminent brands today?

    We’re going to take a trip back through history and introduce you to the man himself who was responsible for the creation of this iconic brand as we delve into where exactly this brand started from and how it quickly developed into what it is today.

    The Beginning

    Klein was born in 1942 and even as a young boy, he taught himself to sketch and sew. As a young gent, he managed to gain a place at the New York High School of Art and Design as well as the Fashion Institute of Technology between 1959-1962.

    After spending a few years as an independent designer and creating collections for a few New York stores, in 1968 Klein took the plunge and set up his new business; Calvin Klein Inc.

    However, he was not alone as he set up the business with his friend Barry Schwartz who helped to manage the business side of things. Originally the company started off by designing coats for women, however following a large order from the New York City store, Bonwit Teller, it wasn’t long before Klein’s name started to spread through the fashion industry. It took just one year for Klein to appear on the front of Vogue’s magazine.

    Klein then began to expand his collection further a field as he added sportswear along with the original women’s coats. Yet by the 1970’s Klein had extended his range to a full women’s collection.

    Named ‘Calvin the Conqueror’, he was also the youngest to have ever receive the Coty American Fashion Critics’ Award for his womenswear collection including 74 pieces.


    Klein changed the market of men’s underwear forever during the 1980’s with the distinctive white underwear bought in packs of three which remarkably can still be purchased in shops today and offered an alternative which wasn’t just practical, but more importantly desirable.

    However, not all was plain sailing during this time as financial problems surfaced. This along with problems to do with the licensing of the menswear line, its low sales, and huge employee turnover sparked rumours that the company was up for sale.

    After nearly going into liquidation, the company was salvaged by regaining and increasing profitability throughout the 1990’s.

    Klein continued his innovative work throughout the 90’s when he launched his first unisex fragrance, ‘cK One’ and was even awarded the title of America’s Best Designer.

    2002 onwards

    In 2002, Klein sold his company to Phillips-Van Heusen Corporation whilst Klein maintained the creative chief’s role at the company. The transaction was financially supported by a private equity firm in New York, Alex Partners Inc.

    Whilst Klein remained to be the creative head of the collections, he also continued as an advisor to the new company from 2003 but has been claimed to be more withdrawn from the business.


    Klein’s advertising campaigns are perhaps as well known as the product range. His creation of adverts including young and underage models was particularly controversial. A young 15-year- old Brook Shields was photographed for one of the Klein’s’ 1980 jean campaigns with the attached slogan, "You know what comes between me and my Calvins? Nothing" causing quite a rumble.

    However, Klein didn’t stop there. Kate Moss has also appeared in a number of his advertising campaigns, most famously when Klein launched his first unisex cologne, ‘cK one’.

    You can take a look at some of Klein’s’ most controversial campaigns through the years by heading to Fashion Gone Rogue.

    Jewellery Collection

    Fast-forwarding to the present day, Calvin Klein isn’t just a brand reputable for its popular designer clothing range. With the collaboration of Swatch Group, a collection of Calvin Klein watches was launched in 1997 and are most recognisable for their strikingly clean, refined and contemporary designs.

    The Klein collection evolved even further in 2004 when the New York team launched a new range of jewellery. Alike the wonderfully sophisticated style of the Calvin Klein watches, the jewellery collection followed suit, and correctly so, as the stylish yet simple designs of pieces have proved to be extremely popular today.

    Here at Wave Jewellery, we host a fantastic range of exquisite Calvin Klein jewellery. Our collection, which includes a variety of pieces such as rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets, pendants and watches, offers a sleek and refined alternative to present-day jewellery.

    Our selection of silver, gold and rose gold pieces also ensures that you can easily match the tone of our jewellery to your complexion for stunning results.

    As you take a browse through our full range of jewellery and observe the beautiful simplicity of the curves and lines which have been carefully crafted into each item, you will quickly learn that these pieces continue to drive the brand’s message of elegance and lust.

    It would certainly be fair to say that alike the iconic clothing range, Calvin Klein’s range of watches and jewellery embed within their style the same innovative craftsmanship and sophistication which has made this brand one of the most renowned names today.

    If you would like to find out more about our range of Calvin Klein jewellery, or if you have any questions regarding our collection here at Wave Jewellery, then please contact either our Manchester or Kendal stores.