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Calvin Klein Watches

The world famous Calvin Klein fashion house was founded way back in 1968, and came to the forefront of the public consciousness in the 80s with some controversial ad campaigns.

The name Calvin Klein came to be one of the most recognisable in fashion and became famous for its classic and timeless clothing as well as its range of fragrances.

But it wasn’t until 1997 that they ventured into the world of watches with CK watch, a brand based on striking, refined and contemporary graphic lines.

Leading with pieces such as CK Dress, the watched immediately caught on with the public and popularised the idea of watches as fashion accessories.

Calvin Klein has always been at the forefront of American fashion and their watches are no different.

They have successfully taken their unrivalled sense of style and combined it with the traditional craft of Swiss watchmaking and is actually one of the few fashion brands that can proudly display the words ‘Swiss Made’ on the dial.

This gives CK watches the technical reputation to go with their style and sophistication.

So if you want to go with a name that you know and trust, look no further than our great range of Calvin Klein watches, available online or in store.

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